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Frequently Asked Questions

What are our rates?

Rates may vary between locations and may be different for different times of the year. They also vary by type of equipment. Discounts are available for multiple rental days and we offer specials throughout the year. Visit the web page for your local TRAX PowerSports Rentals® franchise for rates for your area.

What are the rental times?

Rental times may vary between locations. However, our common rental time return is 4:30 PM on the day of rental. You can pick up the machine as early as 5:00 PM the evening before the rental day. For example, if you are renting for Friday, you may pick up the machine as early as 5:00 PM on Thursday evening and return the machine as late as 4:30 PM on Friday.

There are some exceptions for weekends and holidays. Many of our locations are closed on Sundays and Holidays. Therefore, rather than returning the machine on Sunday evening or holiday evenings, the machines are due back the following morning by 8:00 AM.

Visit the web page for your local TRAX PowerSports Rentals® franchise for rental times for your area.

Are trailers included?

Trailers are available for all rentals. However, individual locations may impose a daily rental fee for trailers under certain circumstances.

What accessories are available?

Each TRAX PowerSports Rentals® location has accessories available to complete your rentals. Accessories are available for all types of equipment and include helmets, life jackets, water skis, tubes, pull ropes, wakeboards, snowsuits, snow boots, gas cans, and even Go-Pro Cameras. Rates vary for accessories and by location.

Are drivers’ licenses required to operate equipment?

License requirements vary by state. TRAX PowerSports Rentals® requires all operators and passengers to follow local laws and requirements. Generally, motorcycle operators are required to have a valid motorcycle license.

How old do you have to be to rent equipment?

Renters are required to be at least 18 years old and be able to legally enter into a contract.

Is insurance required or available – What happens if I damage a machine?

Proof of auto insurance is required to tow rental equipment.Those who rent street legal machines such as motorcycles are required to show proof of insurance or are required to purchase insurance at the time of rental.

Renters of Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) may purchase a Damage Agreement at the time of rental. Cost is per day and varies by type of equipment, location, and amount covered.

The Damage Agreement only covers damage to the particular machine. It does not cover other equipment, property, or individuals. It is not insurance. It simply helps cover cost to repair the damaged machine.

The Damage Agreement does not cover the machine during transportation. All damage incurred during transportation needs to be paid by the renter and should typically be covered by the transporters vehicle insurance.

All damage is collected upon the return of the rented equipment.

A damage deposit of up to $1000 may be required at the time of rental. This can be a cash deposit or a hold on credit card funds.

In the event the renter is unable to pay for damage to equipment, the renter will be responsible to pay the daily rental fee until all damage is paid in full. Additionally, renter agrees to pay all collection and legal fees incurred in collecting the damage.

Almost all damage is caused by the result of excessive speed. Slow down!

Do I pay for gas and/or oil?

Yes. Gas and oil are charged in addition to the rental rates. Oil is only charged on the rentals on equipment with two-stroke motors. These machines consume oil in addition to gasoline. The oil and gas are mixed automatically. Only TRAX PowerSports Rentals® approved oil is allowed on these machines.

Policies on gasoline usage may vary by location. The machine will either be full of gas upon rental and must be returned full or the more common policy is to have gasoline in the machine upon pickup but it will not be full. The renter then can return the machine with any amount of gasoline and is not required to fill the machine prior to return. Check with your local franchise for their policy on gasoline.

Am I required to clean the machine prior to return?

Yes. All machines are clean when rented and are expected to be returned in the same condition. There is a cleaning fee for machines that are not cleaned prior to returning

What is the checkout process?

Upon arrival at the TRAX PowerSports Rentals® location you will be asked to complete and sign a Rental Agreement and Release of Liability. This agreement outlines the terms and charges related to the rental. The agreement requires the renter to take full liability and responsibility for the rental and operation of the rented equipment, trailers, and accessories. The renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless TRAX PowerSports Rentals®, its owners and employees from any harm or accident caused by the rental of the equipment.

After completing the paperwork and paying for the rentals the renter and a TRAX PowerSports Rentals® representative will together do a checkout on the equipment. During this process the renter will be shown how to operate the machine and all questions will be answered. Additionally, a walk around will be performed and any existing damage will be noted. Typically, a digital video or photos will be taken of the machine and be kept with the Rental Agreement.

The renter will then be allowed to take the equipment. The renter is responsible for securing the trailer to their vehicle and for securing the equipment on the trailer. Although a TRAX PowerSports Rentals® representative may assist with this process, the renter takes ultimate and full responsibility for securing the equipment to the trailer and the trailer to the vehicle.

What is the check-in process?

Upon returning the equipment the renter will be responsible for unloading the equipment from the trailer and disconnecting the trailer from their vehicle. A TRAX PowerSports Rentals® representative will inspect the equipment, trailer, and accessories for damage and cleanliness.

If everything appears in order, the damage deposit will be returned.

If there is damage, the representative will determine the cost of damage and collect the amount from the renter. As noted above, if the renter is unable or unwilling to pay for damage at the time the equipment is returned, the renter will continue to be charged the full daily rental amount until the damage is paid in full. Additionally, the renter agrees to pay all collection and attorney costs incurred by TRAX PowerSports Rentals® in collecting the damages.

How are the amounts for damages determined?

In determining the amount to charge for damage, TRAX PowerSports Rentals® uses its best efforts to be fair to all involved and includes the following:

  • Retail cost of damaged parts
  • Labor to assess damage
  • Labor to order parts
  • Labor to receive parts
  • Labor and transportation costs to deliver damaged equipment to repair shop
  • Lost rental time (Renter is responsible to pay the daily rental fee for as long as the equipment is out of service due to damage)

All damaged parts and equipment belong to TRAX PowerSports Rentals®. Renter is not allowed to repair, replace, or keep any damaged parts or accessories.

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