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Provide our Rental Customers with:
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Access to the newest models of PowerSports equipment
  • Ease in reservation, check-out, and check-in
Provide our Franchisees with:
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Access to Systems, Policies, and Procedures that promote efficiency and profitability
  • Ongoing training, support, and development
  • Brand promotion and development that supports our commitment to excellence
Provide our Employees with:
  • A work environment that supports growth and development
  • A commitment to openness, honesty, and mutual respect
  • Compensation, incentive plans, and benefits that allow participation in our success

Who We Are

To truly take advantage of the outdoors, you have be outside. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than on the back of an ATV or atop a jet ski? Now, we know what you’re thinking: owning such toys is “just a little out of your tax bracket.” Well, worry no longer; we at TRAX PowerSports Rentals® are here to help. TRAX® PowerSports is a series of locally-owned powersports retail locations offering vehicle and equipment rentals to the would-be adventurer at low costs. The vehicles and equipment rentals available at our many locations can provide the perfect complement to any outdoor activity. Specifically, we specialize in:
  • Snowmobile rentals
  • ATV rentals
  • Side by side rentals
  • Motorcycle rentals
  • Watercraft rentals
  • Boat rentals
  • Polaris SlingShot rentals
With all of the vehicle and equipment options available to you, it’s easy to see why a day spent outdoors isn’t complete without a visit to TRAX® PowerSports location.

Renting vs. Buying

Many may think that in order to enjoy the diversions that these vehicles and equipment have to offer, you have to own them. We’re here to tell you that’s simply not true. By renting your outdoor vehicles and equipment from TRAX® PowerSports, you get all of the enjoyment with none of the expenses of ownership, such as registration, taxes, insurance, and storage fees. In the end, renting may just end up being more cost-effective than buying your outdoor toys outright. Plus, you guarantee yourself the chance to enjoy only the latest, most-state-of-the-art outdoor vehicles and equipment. Reserve Now!

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Don’t miss out on all of the thrilling adventure that Utah has to offer. With a vehicle and/or equipment rental from any of the locally-owned TRAX® PowerSports franchises, you and your family are guaranteed hours to days to weeks of fun and adventure. For more information or to find the nearest TRAX® PowerSports location near you, simply make a reservation online or call our reservation center at (801) 447-5544.
TRAX PowerSports Rentals® has been providing Utah with the best in Utah Snowmobile Rentals, Utah ATV Rentals, Utah Snow Bike & Timbersled Rentals, Utah Watercraft & Jet Ski Rentals, Utah Boat Rentals, and Utah Dirt Bike Rentals since 2014! Come Ride With Us! 801-447-5544