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5 Things to Look Like a Pro Your First Time Snowmobiling

5. Make sure you have the right gear

A pro snowmobiler will make sure he or she is properly equipped for their first ride out. Unfortunately your average coat is probably not going to cut it for a full day of snowmobiling. Make sure you have a warm helmet, fully waterproof boots, gloves, bibs or coveralls, and waterproof coat. Synthetic materials will bode better than most natural fibers. If you don’t have the right gear, hop on traxpowersportsgear.com and get some.

4. Don’t Just sit on your Snowmobile while riding

If you want everyone riding with you to know you have never been snowmobiling, always sit on the snowmobile seat. If you want to look like a pro, use your body to get the leverage you need so you can effectively turn and maneuver your snowmobile. If you sit all the time, you will definitely get stuck… a lot. Here are some riding tips from Ski-Doo on how to keep on edge: Backcountry Expert Series: Bret Rasmussen: Riding on the Edge

3. Get In Shape

A lot of people don’t think that snowmobiling is strenuous, but it is. If you are in shape, your first snowmobile ride will be much more enjoyable, simply because you won’t be as exhausted. So hop on that treadmill, maybe lift some weights before you get out this season.

2. Don’t be afraid to get stuck

It’s going to happen. It happens to everybody. Once you start to get comfortable, push your abilities a little. You might get stuck, but dig out and keep going.

1. Have Fun

Often people get overwhelmed by their inability to be a perfect rider. Don’t be that person. Push yourself and have fun. At the end of the day you will be an awesome snowmobiler if you just have some fun. Polaris PRO RMK in action (600 Width)

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