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5 Gear Musts for Your Snowmobile Trip

1. Avalanche kit

No one expects to be caught in an avalanche, but it is essential you have the tools to deal with one in the event that it happens. Make sure you have a shovel, probe, and flags to help look for anyone that gets caught in an avalanche’s wake.Avalanche Pack

2. Avalanche Transceiver

If you get caught in an avalanche, this piece of equipment could mean the difference between life and death. Always carry a transceiver with you and follow the manufacturer’s directions on its use. Become familiar with its features, as you will need every second in your favor during an emergency. Don’t have one? Hit up traxpowersportsgear.com to get one.avalanche-transceiver-BCA-tracker2

3. Water

Dehydration is the enemy of any activity and will certainly make your snowmobile trip less enjoyable. Make sure to have enough water in your camelback or water bottles. You could also throw in some Gatorade to replenish those electrolytes.

4. Food

Hunger will also put a damper on your day. Snowmobiling is strenuous and you will burn a lot of energy. Make sure to have good foods with high calories to replace all the energy you use. Military MREs have an incredibly high calorie count and can be made into a hot meal to boot.Cliff bars

5. Survival Pack

Make sure your pack has all the gear you need in case you get stuck out in the bush. Fire starter, one of those thermal blankets, a first aid kit, some extra food and water, and some dry socks will make getting stuck a less miserable experience and increase your chance of survival.

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