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5 Clothing Tips for Your Snowmobile Adventure

Wearing the right clothes is an essential to having an enjoyable experience while out on your snowmobile. For that purpose we have come up with 5 clothing tips for your next ride.


Keeping your feet warm and dry is probably one of the most important things you can do to have an enjoyable ride out in the white powder. Make sure you have boots that are waterproof and have windproof properties to keep your toesies toasty.Roger Snowmobile


Believe it or not, even with a helmet your head and neck may get cold when blazing down a trail at 40 or 50 MPH. To prevent this, put on a nice warm balaclava, scarf, or neck gator and keep warm all day.


Just like your feet, your hands deserve to be warm and dry. Even though you probably have handwarmers on your sled, your hands will turn to ice cubes without the proper hand wear. Make sure those gloves are actually waterproof and windproof and you should be good no matter what the temperature. Kendall snow (500 Width)

Snow Bibs and Coat

We all think wearing our standard coat and snow pants is going to work out well for us if we are on the sled the whole day. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Having windproof/waterproof snow bibs and coat keeps the snow out of your pants, meaning the difference between the funnest day of your life or a day of frozen misery.


Make sure not to rely on one piece of clothing to keep you warm. Start with a warm under-layer and build up. This will allow you to add or take away clothing according to how cold and warm you are, ultimately leaving you comfortable for your grand day out.

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