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3 Ways to Make Your Next Ride More Memorable

It’s said that doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. If it isn’t the definition of insanity, it will surely make you insane. Don’t go insane. Here are some tips to change things up for you.

Record your ride

If you haven’t done it before, try recording your ride using a GoPro or other compact action camera.  When you take the video, make sure to try multiple different mounting setups (snowmobile, chest cam, helmet cam, tunnel cam). Doing so will make your video that much more interesting when you upload it to your social media accounts. Maybe have a contest with your buddies to see who can make the best video. The possibilities are endless! 2 Ski-Doos

Go Somewhere New

Rather than going to the same trails or hills that you always go to, try going somewhere you have never ridden before. There will be new challenges, unfamiliar terrain, and a change in scenery that will be a welcome sight to you and your fellow riders.

Try a Different Sled

You’ve been riding the same sled for the last 5 years? Don’t be afraid to try new things, see if your buddy will trade you sleds for a day. If not, consider renting a sled for a day to mix things up. You never know, you might find a sled you like better than yours and need to make an upgrade next season.Kendall snow (500 Width)

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