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3 Factors to Consider When Renting or Buying a Sled

There are a billion things you can consider when looking at renting or buying a snowmobile. Luckily TRAX PowerSports Rentals has 3 factors to consider when renting or buying a sled.


Your personal ability and experience plays a pivotal role in what kind of sled you should rent or buy. New to the game? Consider a smaller sled such as the Ski-Doo Summit 600 or the Ski-Doo Expedition 550F that we run. This will help you develop your technique on a sled, while allowing you to maintain control with limited power. If you are an experienced rider who is really looking to just play hard on the slopes, the bigger Summit SP 800 or the Polaris Pro-RMK 800 is the sled for you._K0A4057 (600 Width)

Riding Style

Do you like to get deep in the powder or do you tend to stay on the trail? Do you like riding on your own sled, or do you like riding with someone on back? These are a couple questions you should ask yourself. If you like getting off the trail and in the powder, you definitely need to go with a mountain sled such as the Ski-Doo Summit or the Polaris Pro-RMK. The tall track lugs, the narrow ski stances, and light weight make for great riding when you get off the hard pack. If you stay on the trails, the Ski-Doo Expedition 550F is a great sled with its fan cooled engine, short track lugs, and its wide ski stance. For riding with a passenger, the Expedition is a great option, in addition to the two seat capable Ski-Doo Summit 600s.FullSizeRender (2) (600 Width)


With any purchase comes the ultimate question of, “How much do I want to spend?” Buying a new snowmobile can cost over $10,000! That’s a lot of money! Luckily there are alternatives out there. Renting is an option that many go with to avoid maintenance costs, registration, and other unexpected expenses. Renting a sled can cost as little as $127 per day and can allow you to enjoy the snow with a new sled every year. You could also shop for used sleds that provide a much better price point. TRAX PowerSports Rentals shops sell their fleets of snowmobiles every year at heavily discounted prices. Also shopping during the off-season will most likely lead to a better deal on your new sled. IMG_1007 (600 Width) No matter what sled you choose, make sure to have fun out there on your sled!

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